Navy Text "Confident Connected Parenting" then a hot pink line divider and more navy text Raise kids with the emotional and communication skills they need to be confident in themselves and have healthy relationships"

Do your kids’ big feelings spill out into tantrums, defiance or lashing out?

What if you could recognise the underlying cause of their feelings so they can get their needs met while being considerate of everyone else too? 

No more worrying that you have to choose between validating your child’s feelings and raising them to be considerate of other people. 

Let’s attune your parenting to PRECISELY what your individual kids need so they can develop the self-worth, emotional and communication skills they need to be able to create a life they love and have healthy relationships.

Confident, Connected Parenting is a group course for women and non-binary parents where you’ll learn how to:

  • hold space for your kids’ big feelings so they calm down enough to be able to figure out what they really need
  • translate what they are saying and doing to what they really need
  • teach your kids to speak up assertively and respectfully about what they need
  • develop your kids’ empathy for other people without acquiescing their own needs
  • repair any baggage they may have picked up from the times you’ve not been attuned to their needs
  • handle your own baggage and triggers so they don’t impact your parenting
  • help your child recognise and not buy into the unhealthy parts of culture

Jodie Thornton, Parent Coach

Hi I’m Jodie!

I help parents teach their kids emotional awareness, resilience and communication skills.

I know that there is always another way to achieve the same parenting outcome so I have designed this program to help you find the day to day practical parenting strategies that work for you and your individual kids.

Let’s make your parenting more effective and easier, one step at a time.

Jodie Thornton with grey hair and a hot pink shirt

In this program you have access to video modules, at least two live calls per month to ask your questions and a Facebook group where you can ask your questions between the calls and connect with other parents doing the course. 

You will have access to the program including the live calls for as long as it exists and if I ever decide to wind it up, I will give you a year’s notice.

If you join and you don’t love it, you have 30 days to request a refund, no questions asked.

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Confident, Connected Parenting

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