About Jodie

You’re here because your child’s big feelings are spilling out in either tantrums, physically lashing out or not listening. 

You want to give your child everything they need to be happy. 

To have a strong sense of who they are and a blueprint of what a healthy relationship looks like.

But you’re worried that giving them everything they need will make them selfish.

And then when you focus on trying to make them kind and considerate you worry they’ll become people pleasers. Forever sacrificing what’s important to them to make everyone around them comfortable. 

The reason this is so tough is because we’re still playing the game our culture has set up… “whose turn is it to sacrifice?”

When instead we can teach our kids to find a way to get everyone what they need. 

We can raise kids that are kind and considerate and ALSO assertive and have a strong sense of who they are.

Jodie Thornton with grey curly hair and smiling

As a parent coach and I’m all about emotional awareness, healthy communication and handling our triggers so they don’t impact our parenting.

I have a blended family with four kids and one grandbaby.

For six years I have been helping parents handle tantrums, hitting, tricky behaviour and not listening in a way that builds their emotional awareness and communication skills.

First I help parents respond constructively to their kids without losing their cool.

Then I help parents teach their kids the skills so they can use those healthy relationship skills with everyone else. Siblings, other parent, educators… everyone.

My approach doesn’t require your partner or ex to be on the same page. Or for you to have the village we’re supposed to have to raise our kids in.

I want us to raise a generation of kids who know how to be themselves, how to have healthy relationships and how to change the culture to be better than they found it.

Deeply confident and resourceful kids, who know how to discover what their unique contribution is to the world and make it happen.

Sound like what you want to create for your kids? Right this way.

A couple of quick notes…

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or otherwise medically trained. My services are around emotional awareness and communication skills and aren’t therapy.

I am not specifically trained in support for neurodivergence for either parents or children. I have supported a number of clients who are neurodivergent, or their kids are, or both. As I’m focusing on solution based, open communication this can be useful for some parents alongside any neurodivergence-specific support they or their children are receiving. If you want to check if my support is what you’re looking for you can book a call to talk through your needs.

I am progressively building my education to improve my services to meet the needs of marginalised people. I am always open to being advised that I am operating from an unconscious bias, but I recognise that this can be hard to do while you’re receiving a support service. If you’d like to ask questions about my level of awareness of your specific needs to check if my service will be safe and effective for you, you can email me through my contact form or book a call to ask.