Do your kids save all their tantrums up for you?

It can be reassuring to hear that this means that you are their safe space, but the pressure to be emotionally available for their big feelings can be overwhelming.

You are enough, I promise.

Just because we weren’t raised with the emotional awareness we would have liked doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to be a reliable safe space for our kids.

In this video I take you though:

1) Recognising that a tantrum isn’t a crisis and seeing it for what it really is

2) Building up your ability to stay present for your kids during their tantrums

3) Helping them recognise the real need underneath the feelings causing the tantrum

4) How to be with your kids’ big feelings when the problem can’t be solved

5) Helping them build the emotional awareness to avoid the tantrum in the first place.

Most importantly, you don’t need to absorb all of your children’s big feelings in order for them to be ok.

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