If your child has the terrible twos ahead of schedule, let’s talk about:

– why this happens

– how a set of gentle parenting skills will help more than gentle parenting scripts

– what to do when your child can’t use their words to help you understand what’s going on for them

– routinely helping your child with baseline nervous system regulation to make the process easier on both of you.


In this video I mentioned three of my free webinars that can help in this stage:

– Getting Strong-Willed Kids to Listen JodieThornton.com/listen

– Supporting Your Child Through Tantrums JodieThornton.com/tantrums

– Helping Kids Stop Hitting JodieThornton.com/hitting

If you’d like my support to build up your parenting skills and handle your triggers so they don’t impact your parenting, jump into my online course at JodieThornton.com/ConfidentConnectedParenting