How many times are we told that when our child tantrums they need us to stay calm and explain to them why they can’t have what they want?

But if that’s what they need, then why are they still so emotionally overwhelmed that the tantrum continues?

In this video I explain why being calm and explaining doesn’t work and what DOES.

I mentioned that when you’ve tried this and your child is still overwhelmed then co-regulation would be the next step, using body language, tone of voice and word choice.

I cover how to do those things in my webinar Supporting Kids Through Tantrums which you can register for at

I also mentioned that if you’d like support to:

– help your child calm down from tantrums,

– find solutions for the underlying need that work for everyone involved, and

– build your child’s emotional awareness and communication skills so they can do this before they get overwhelmed

I can help you do this through my group course Confident, Connected Parenting.

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